Introduction To Making Music

Make a track from start to finish without ever having opened any music software before, all you need is the Studio Orbit short course, and a copy of Ableton Live (which is available on a 90 day free trial). Our Introduction Course is separate to our monthly membership, and is available as a one-off payment so you can watch as many times as you want, and at your own pace.

What does the course focus on?

The course is aimed at beginners and no prior knowledge is required. The content is spread across 8 modules (20 full lessons), with a quiz to test your knowledge at the end of each module. The plan of the course can be seen below.

We look at how to make drums in different styles (house, electro and UK garage), we explore how to navigate and use Ableton Live right from the basics, how to write basslines, synths, pads and melodies, how to mix, arrange and master your tracks and more…

Module 1 – Introduction to the course & Ableton Live
Module 2 – Drums
Module 3 – Basslines & Synths
Module 4 – Audio Effects
Module 5 – Sampling
Module 6 – Arrangement
Module 7 – Mixing, mastering & exporting
Module 8 – More resources & track feedback

What does the course offer?

You can make a track from start to finish without ever having opened Ableton before, all you is the Studio Orbit ‘Introduction To Making Music’ short course, and a copy of Ableton Live. All samples are provided and you can do this using the plugins included with Ableton. 

No head blagging terminology or complex tutorials, just watch the simple to follow videos across the 8 modules (20 lessons) and you’ll have the knowledge you need to start making club tracks.

After you’ve mastered the course, you can also benefit from discounted membership which gives you access to all of the content on Studio Orbit such as tutorial videos, track breakdowns and industry insight interviews with professionals. If that wasn’t enough, you can contact Kepler for 1-1 mentoring via the Discord community. There’s also lots of other producers sharing tips, tricks, deals and new music.  

Have you

Wanted to make music for ages, but not known where to start?

Had tons of ideas but not the technical knowledge?

Had your head blagged by a sea of information and options on the internet?

Studio Orbit has an answer to your problems. We take it right back to basics to help anyone learn how to make tracks.

Already have a basic knowledge of music production?
Join the Studio Orbit platform today…

If you already produce, you can improve your music production skills today.

We wanted to offer fair prices to make music production accessible to everyone without having to pay for expensive courses or overpriced memberships. That’s why you can gain access to hours of video tutorials, for an affordable monthly cost – and with the rolling contract, you can dip in and out whenever you feel, as we understand life can sometimes get in the way.